Expository Writing

When writing expository, the first thing we want to remember is that we are EXPLAINING. When you look at the prompt, underline the key words. Break it down to the what (job/season/hobby) and the why (important/special/activities).



Next, we need to develop our central idea. This sentence should be the topic of our writing. We will put it in the center, because we want all of our paper to support that idea. Put your ideas in each box, and then FEED them! Facts, examples, explanations, and details give more information.



Then you can use your planning to transform your ideas into a rough draft!


Here is the FEED presentation we used awhile back to remind us of FACT, EXAMPLES, EXPLANATIONS, and DETAILS/DESCRIPTIONS.

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  1. I think that this is a very organized way to teach expository. FEED will be very useful for generations. Long live writing!

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