Penguin Webcam Link

Yesterday in science we discussed Animal Adaptations. During this discussion we discovered that Penguins are actually birds that can swim.

I was able to show the students a live webcam of penguins that live at Sea World San Diego and they found it very interesting!

Here’s the link for you to view at home.


Science Cumulative Test Review

Today in class we went over the review for tomorrow’s science exam. These are answers that I typed into the review (very quickly might I add so please don’t judge my grammar) with the input of the students.

I figured that some parents might be looking for a little help with some of the answers.

Science 1st 9 weeks Cumulative Test Review


Ecosystem Groups of living things in an environment we live in.

Population A group of the same species living in the same place at the same time.

Experiment When you test something.

Data The information that you found during an experiment.

Fact Something that is true.

Ruler To find out the size or amount of an object.

Observations To use your 5 senses to learn about an object or event.

Hypothesis An educated guess.

Results The solution at end of an experiment, the answer to your hypothesis.

Independent Variable part of the experiment that you change.

Control Variable part of the experiment that does not change.

Responding Variable The part of the experiment that you are testing, the part that changes after the experiment results.

Manipulated Variable (independent variable) part of the experiment that you change.

Closed System A system without inputs and outputs.

Open System A system that gets light and water, lets things out and lets things in, has inputs and outputs.

Food Chain A series of consumers eating other living things.

Short Answer and Fill in the Blank

If the bottom part of the food chain is removed, what will happen to the remainder of the organisms in that chain? They will die.

In a picture of a food chain what do the arrows mean?

The arrows mean that there is a transfer of energy!

The energy that all organisms need to survive comes from the SUN, which helps plants grow.

Trees provide us with OXYGEN which humans breathe and need to live.

In a system, ENERGY flows through it and is transferred when the sun shines on plants and animals consume them or when animals consume each other.

If you roll a marble down a ruler, the HEIGHT of the end of the ruler that you start the marble from will affect the distance the marble travels.