Leah Q InterView

Leah Interview

LEAST favorites

Movie is Hanna

Show is Dora

Song is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Animal is peacock

Marsoupiel(rodent) is Gimpy the squirrell!!!

Name- Lemony

Book- How to make the worst songs


interview on Hannah D.

color: purple and turquiose

animal: penguins

drink: sweet tea

book: holes

tv show: cake boss and next great baker

movie: hunger games and all the harry potter movies

activity: making stuff out of duck tape


What is your favorite color? Purple

What is your favorite store ?Abercrombie

Who is your best friend?Her family

What is your favorite type of poem?Lyrical

Who is your favorite singer?Rasscle Flats

By: Hannah Interviewing Bernadette


When were you born?
Answer:I was born in August 15,2003.

What is your fovorite color?
Answer:My favorite color is blue.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Answer:I have 1 brother and 0 sisters.

Which state were you born in?
Answer:the state I was born in was Texas.

Who is your teacher?
Answer:My teacher is Ms.Pickert.

Who is your switch teacher?
Answer:My switch teacher is Ms.Rahaman

AND LET US GIVE A BIG CLAP TO OUR OWN FRIEND…CIERA !AND THIS I CHRISTINE BHASKARAN REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Spatula

When I see a spatula I think of Spondge Bob flipping some good patties. The thought of having the secret recipe made me fell like eating a million Krabby Patties! Touching the animated spatula makes me feel that I can rule the world! I’ll have slaves that’ll give me everything! I’ll have people bow down to me and they will get paid one dollar every one hundred years! I’ll make Spondge Bob give me a million Krabby Patties every second. I’ll be in Outer space where there is butt face minoins, flying onion rings, and Wing Stop! I’ll have a ship made entirely out of old grease and spatulas. My ship will be named “The Grease Sack” where it can find donut cities (in my stomach). We’ll see donkey robots, and a laser to explode Sqiud Ward! But when I think of spatulas I’ll rule the world!!!

Made by James (Ms. Pickert’s class)