Stir it up

Stir it up is a very good book to read .Stir it up catches the reader into the book.the author of this book is Ramin Ganeshram,I won’t stop reading this book once I start it thats how much it got me intFilled with behind the scenes peeks at cooking reality shows and woven with recipes that cook up emotions and actual culinary recipes that make food, this novel is as delicious as it is satisfyingo the book.Thirteen year old Anjali’s life is rich with the smell of curry from her parents Queens N.Y from her absolute passion for food.More than anything Anjali wants to be a chef who competes on a kids cooking reality TV show.  But Anjali must keep her wish a secret from her family, who thinks Anjali’s passions are beneath her. Thank goodness for Deema, Anjali’s grandmother, whose insight and love can push past even the oldest family beliefs.          



                                                                                                                                                                                         By; Alesha 


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