The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

This book is written by Kate DiCamillo. It is about a girl named Abilene who owned a rabbit made completely out of china (glass). The rabbit was named Edward Tulane. He is loving, Then one day she and her family went on a voyage to England . There were to boys’ on the boat that were playing around with Edward and one of the boys’ tossed Edward into the ocean, so then Edward was about to begin his journey. He goes on to many different families and they all name him a different name and decide if he is a boy or an girl. Then all of the sudden something extraordinary happens, what happens is that ………READ THE BOOK NOW TO FIND OUT (Ask Ms.Pickert for the book). This book also teaches us 1 good lesson… If you love something let it free and if it really loves you back it will come back to you! 😀

By: Armig Kalustian

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