Over the break, my mom sister, and I went to see Hugo. I told my mom and Emily that they had to read The Invention of Hugo Cabret. That book was magical, and it won the Caldecott award. I’ve been trying to convince everyone to read it since last year!

Then, Brian Selznick came out with a new book. My mom gave my sister and me a copy of Wonderstruck. Emily and I both read it in one day. We couldn’t put it down. Unlike Hugo, this isn’t one story told through pictures and writing. This is two separate stories, told fifty years apart. One story is through the artwork, and the other story is through the writing. The stories do come together, but it seems like they are far to different to ever get together.

Give this book a chance! I have one in my library (which I think someone has already gotten), and I’m not sure if our library has it yet. But, next time you to your library, look for it!! Or snatch mine up when someone is done with it!

Happy Reading!