This Week’s Objectives:
Reading: Students will study the advertising tricks used to sell cereal. They will then design a cereal box for a cereal brand they create being sure to use the advertising tricks we have been learning about. Students will then write a commercial to advertise their product.
Science:  Students will complete our study of the Solar System. We will then begin investigating changes in Earth’s Surface due to weather, erosion, and deposition.
Social Studies: Students will explore the changes the cattle industry and railroads caused in Texas at the turn of the century.
Writing: Students will revise and edit their modern day fairy tales and conference with the teacher to polish their hard work. Students will then begin their final copy.

Math:  Students will continue Mini-Society in their homeroom classes.  We will begin interviewing for jobs in our society. We will also be learning about adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, comparing and ordering fractions with unlike denominators; and comparing and ordering fractions and decimals on a number line.