Objectives for the Week of Aprill 11

This Week’s Objectives:
Reading: We will begin Reading Detective Academy this week. It is our intensive review camp to ensure our students are ready to do their best on the TAKS test at the end of the month. This week’s focus will be on context clues, figurative language, main idea and test taking strategies.
Science:  Students will review the science District Assessment that we took in March. They will also continue investigating the water cycle and weather patterns, including measuring and recording changes in weather and making predictions about the weather using weather maps and symbols.
Social Studies:  Students will continue their investigation into the causes of the Mexican War. We will also integrate history through our research topics in reading.

Writing: Students will complete their research papers using the “Stop Light Writing” format. We will also begin our unit on poetry writing where students will investigate and write various forms of poetry.

Math: Students will continue our TAKS Test review.  This week we will focus on Objective 6. We will focus on making generalizations, missing info, time and elapsed time, and reviewing our strategies. We will complete review packets and another TAKS Release Test in class during small group, as well as play review games.  Students will also have a homework packet for review each week.  We will check 2 pages each day.