Objectives for the week of May 9th!

This Week’s Objectives:
Reading: We will continue our study on reading and media literacy. We will discuss the need to think critically when we read and hear messages. As a class we will talk about the impact of public service announcements, social media, television, and advertisements.  The students will also create their own public service announcements in class.
Science:  Students will continue our study into the Solar System. We will discuss the different planets in the Solar System and space exploration. Also, National Lab Day is on Wednesday and all of our science classes will be attempting to create a robot that can shoot a basketball!
Social Studies:  Students will continue our study on the impacts of the Civil War on Texas. We will be using the textbooks and a recent Time for Kids commemorating the anniversary of the war.

Writing: We will explore fairy tales and how they are written. Although tales are written very differently from around the world, they focus on certain lessons, points, and core values. We will begin by comparing the writing in the different versions and then begin writing our rough draft for our fairy tale.  

Math:  Students will continue Mini-Society in their homeroom classes.  We will begin interviewing for jobs in our society. We will also be learning about adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, comparing and ordering fractions with unlike denominators; and comparing and ordering fractions and decimals on a number line.