Civil War Vocab

Civil War Vocabulary Quiz — April 25

Words in Quizlet for practice!

Plantation – A large farm with crops tended by workers who live there

Planter – The owner of a plantation

Cash Crop – A crop people raised to sell to others

Textile mills – A factory in which fibers, such as cotton or wool, are woven into cloth

Auction – A public sale of goods

States’ rights – The idea that state governments have the right to make certain decisions for themselves

Political party – A group of people in government who try to get agree with their ideas and who choose leaders who share their opinions

Candidate – A person who runs for political office

Secede – To leave

 Confederacy – The confederate states of America

Secessionists – People who wanted to leave or secede

Enlist – To join

Infantry – Foot soldiers

Blockade – A line of warships used to keep other ships from sailing into or out of a port

 Brigade – A group of troops or soldiers

 Assassination – The murder of a political leader

Juneteenth – A holiday in Texas celebrating the freeing of slaves

 Jury – A group of people that decide a case in court

 Segregation – Keeping people in separate groups based on their race and culture

 Amendment – A change in the constitution

 Carpetbaggers -A northerner in the south during reconstruction who carried their things in bags made from carpet

 Sharecropper – A farmer who used a plot of land and was paid by the landowner with a share of the crops

 Credit – A way of buying something by paying for it over time

 Reservation – An area of land set aside by government for use by American Indians

 Buffalo soldier – A nickname given by Native Americans to African American soldiers