Native American Vocabulary

We are previewing the vocabulary for our Native American unit. Students should be prepared to take a vocab quiz next Tuesday in preparation for the unit!

Maize: corn

Council: A group of leaders who make decisions

Mustang: a wild horse
Shaman: A Native American religious leader and healer
Oral history: The story of an event or experience told aloud by a person
Plot: A piece of land
Ally: A person or group who will fight for the same beliefs or ideas
Tepee: A small cone-shaped shelter used by Native Americans
Irrigation: The watering of crops by moving water from nearby rivers and streams
Adobe: Mud mixed with a small amount of straw or grass and dried in the sun
Confederation: A group made up of smaller groups that join together to help one another
Hide: Animal skin
Ancestor: family member from long ago
Nomad: A person who moves from place to place and has no permanent home
Specialize: to work at one kind of job and do it well
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