TX Revolution Vocabulary

We are working hard in class to discuss a few words each day to help prepare for next Friday’s quiz! We have been adding example sentences to our flashcards as we go. The Texas Revolution is a key part of Texas history, and it really helps our understanding to understand the vocabulary words used!


Every kiddo has a copy of the words and their own flashcards. The words are also right here and in www.quizlet.com. Our login is “fourthgradesomething” and our password is “steveshark”


Right: A freedom


Petition: A signed request for action


Democracy: A form of government in which people make decisions themselves or choose leaders to do so


Delegate: A person chosen to speak or act for others


Convention: An important meeting


Constitution:  A written plan for government


Republic: A form of government in which the people choose their leaders


Abolish: To put an end to (Ex. The students wished the teachers would abolish homework.)


Patriotism: The love of one’s country


Retreat: To pull back or withdraw


Cavalry: A unit of soldiers on horseback


Massacre: The killing of many people who cannot defend themselves


Scout: A person sent ahead to gather information about the land or the enemy


Cabinet: A group of people who help a leader make decisions


Election:  An event in which people vote to choose government leaders