Fun STAAR Videos

We focused on relaxation today and being proud of our progress. We watched a few videos, but there were far more out there than we could show in a day! So, if you need a smile and a confidence boost, watch a few of these!




if you resech chek reiebel sorsis like brain pop (=

and chek the libare.

stay away from bad sorsis.

ask the libarein and techers for help.

thes are the baskes for reseching!



A Magnificent Year

From all the books, to all the nooks, I  can’t believe it’s the end. From all the grades, to all the spades, I think I’ve made some friends. My teachers this year, makes me tear,when I have to leave. But this chance, made me glance, and my heart I have to heave. The Valentines party was really heart-y and the stone soup has me in a loop. The spelling bee filled me with glee and the groups I know, will never blow. But my favorite thing, is what I have to leave in spring. This grade will always be in my heart, from the the end and to the start.

Rahul’s Awesome Tips About Reasearch

Reasearch is when you study something like when you look up pythons it will give you information about pythons.Basically we are always doing research here are some examples,when you read a book you get info about that book so you are researching the book.Here are some places you can do research at.#1 the library you can find books about what you are researching.#2 your home you can research on your computer.I hope yall can use those tips.





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Research and Online Research By: Jared

The key to good research is to find good sources, but not everything you read is true. The library is a good place to start your research.  You don’t have to read to get research you can use films, dvds, photos and cds. You can also research on the internet. Writers gather info for you by writing books. If you can’t find what you are looking for use quotation marks to find something specific [not pacific]. Definition of research: Research is when you find info on things you’re researching.





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Research and Online research BY:DAVE


Here are some few tips on research.The key to research is sources.Go to the library

and start your research their.Its one of the best places to go and do a research

gather information it will help you alot with your research.Go look at the

encyclopedia it gives you a good summary and it can show a book about your topic.


When you do an online research you should at least try to be specific as much as you

can.You should use your head when your being specific. Many search engines work

slight different from other engines so you should click on the search tips or help button.