Mural Project

Texas Revolution Mini-Mural Project DUE 2-17-14


On a large sheet of paper/poster (11×17 or larger) convey the most important information about the Texas Revolution including:

  • What was it?
  • Who was involved?
  • Important dates (include a timeline)
  • Important events
  • Summary Sentence
  • Explanation of the impact (What did the Revolution have to do with change?)

The Mural must include:

  • At least one quote
  • An illustration
  • A symbolic border (pick a picture or symbol that is representative of the revolution. Draw it around the edge of the mural in a pattern to form a border. Be able to explain why you chose that symbol.
  • A timeline including the major events from the Law of 1830 through The Treaties of Velasco
  • A sentence summarizing the war
  • A sentence explaining the impact of the war


Students need to be prepared to explain their mural.


Other than that: Be Creative!