Fun STAAR Videos

We focused on relaxation today and being proud of our progress. We watched a few videos, but there were far more out there than we could show in a day! So, if you need a smile and a confidence boost, watch a few of these!



Awareness Test

Sometimes we are busy with distractions and we miss what is right in front of us.

Don’t miss the “moonwalking bear” / miss important details in your learning!

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It’s summer!

 I’m sure you all are thoroughly enjoying your summer. I’m thinking that you have all read lots of books and spent a lot of time at the pool! It is hard to believe that July is half way over already! You guys are all going to be 5th graders so very soon and I’m going to have brand new fourth graders. CRAZY!

For the first few weeks of my summer, Ms. Waggoner and I travelled to Guatemala. We decided to go to a school to learn Spanish. I know some Spanish, but I definitely can’t speak fluently. Ms. Waggoner and I lived with a Guatemalan family and went to school on the weekdays. Our school was really hard and it made me think a lot about what it is like for you sometimes. As a teacher, I sometimes forget how hard it is for the students. Now that I have been a student, I will try harder to remember what it is like when I teach this year.

 On the weekends, we went on a few adventures! We visited Tikal. It was really fascinating and we learned all about the Mayans. Ms. Waggoner and I hiked a volcano, and it was really tough. I was covered in sweat and wanted to quit. We made it to the top and got to see steam coming up from the ground. We even roasted marshmallows from a small hole in the earth.

This is us waiting for a boat on a dock. We rode a boat up the river and the views were lovely. Visiting Guatemala was pretty awesome. I love that I got to learn and got to know a really nice family.

I’ve also been reading a lot and spending time with my family and friends. What have you guys been doing? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments!

Enjoy the rest of summer!