Bridge to Terabithia – a presentation by YELLOW group!

The yellow group decided to split up their presentation in two parts. They put these parts together to put on an awesome book review for our class. Please check out their slide shows on Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson below!

Dear Mr. Henshaw – By RED Group

In the beginning, Leigh Botts sent Mr.Henshaw letters. He would rarely get letters in return. In the middle, Leigh Botts sent him questions. In return, Leigh got horrible answers. Mr.Henshaw sent  him questions. By now Leigh hated him, so he didn’t answer then. His mom kept nagging him to answer, so he did. And in the end Leigh ‘s dad lost his dog Bandit. But his dad looked for Bandit ,and eventually he fond him. His dad apologized and offered Bandit to him. Leigh forgave him and denied the offer.