Civil War Vocab

Civil War Vocabulary Quiz — April 25

Words in Quizlet for practice!

Plantation – A large farm with crops tended by workers who live there

Planter – The owner of a plantation

Cash Crop – A crop people raised to sell to others

Textile mills – A factory in which fibers, such as cotton or wool, are woven into cloth

Auction – A public sale of goods

States’ rights – The idea that state governments have the right to make certain decisions for themselves

Political party – A group of people in government who try to get agree with their ideas and who choose leaders who share their opinions

Candidate – A person who runs for political office

Secede – To leave

 Confederacy – The confederate states of America

Secessionists – People who wanted to leave or secede

Enlist – To join

Infantry – Foot soldiers

Blockade – A line of warships used to keep other ships from sailing into or out of a port

 Brigade – A group of troops or soldiers

 Assassination – The murder of a political leader

Juneteenth – A holiday in Texas celebrating the freeing of slaves

 Jury – A group of people that decide a case in court

 Segregation – Keeping people in separate groups based on their race and culture

 Amendment – A change in the constitution

 Carpetbaggers -A northerner in the south during reconstruction who carried their things in bags made from carpet

 Sharecropper – A farmer who used a plot of land and was paid by the landowner with a share of the crops

 Credit – A way of buying something by paying for it over time

 Reservation – An area of land set aside by government for use by American Indians

 Buffalo soldier – A nickname given by Native Americans to African American soldiers

TX Revolution Vocabulary

We are working hard in class to discuss a few words each day to help prepare for next Friday’s quiz! We have been adding example sentences to our flashcards as we go. The Texas Revolution is a key part of Texas history, and it really helps our understanding to understand the vocabulary words used!


Every kiddo has a copy of the words and their own flashcards. The words are also right here and in Our login is “fourthgradesomething” and our password is “steveshark”


Right: A freedom


Petition: A signed request for action


Democracy: A form of government in which people make decisions themselves or choose leaders to do so


Delegate: A person chosen to speak or act for others


Convention: An important meeting


Constitution:  A written plan for government


Republic: A form of government in which the people choose their leaders


Abolish: To put an end to (Ex. The students wished the teachers would abolish homework.)


Patriotism: The love of one’s country


Retreat: To pull back or withdraw


Cavalry: A unit of soldiers on horseback


Massacre: The killing of many people who cannot defend themselves


Scout: A person sent ahead to gather information about the land or the enemy


Cabinet: A group of people who help a leader make decisions


Election:  An event in which people vote to choose government leaders

Explorer Vocabulary / Europeans in Texas

As we begin to wrap up Native Americans, we are getting ready for the next step in our state’s history! The Europeans are coming! When we know and understand what words mean, we have a better understanding of what we read!


The quiz will be on Tuesday next week. Study, study, study!


Route– A path of travel

Caravel– A small, fast ship with special sails that enabled it to sail into the wind and travel in rough seas.

Astrolabe– A device once used by sailors to find out where they were by using the position on the stars

Convert– To change someone’s beliefs to agree with yours

Colony– A settlement that is ruled by another country

Conquistador– A Spanish conqueror and treasure seeker

Empire-A conquered land of many places and people under one ruler

Expedition– A journey made for a special reason

Slave– A person owned by another person and made to do work for no pay

Legend– A story handed down over time

Mission– A religious settlement

Missionary– A person who teaches his or her religion to others

Vaquero– A cowhand; a person who helps raise cattle (cowboys)

Presidio– A fort built mostly of wood, stone or adobe

Plaza– A town square; sometimes the center of the town

Mestizo– A person whose ancestors were both Spanish and Native American


The Quizlet practice is available for those who want to use it!


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Native American Vocabulary

We are previewing the vocabulary for our Native American unit. Students should be prepared to take a vocab quiz next Tuesday in preparation for the unit!

Maize: corn

Council: A group of leaders who make decisions

Mustang: a wild horse
Shaman: A Native American religious leader and healer
Oral history: The story of an event or experience told aloud by a person
Plot: A piece of land
Ally: A person or group who will fight for the same beliefs or ideas
Tepee: A small cone-shaped shelter used by Native Americans
Irrigation: The watering of crops by moving water from nearby rivers and streams
Adobe: Mud mixed with a small amount of straw or grass and dried in the sun
Confederation: A group made up of smaller groups that join together to help one another
Hide: Animal skin
Ancestor: family member from long ago
Nomad: A person who moves from place to place and has no permanent home
Specialize: to work at one kind of job and do it well
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Maps – Basics

In fourth grade social studies, we focus on the great state of TEXAS. Before we can really get started, the kids have to refresh what they know about maps. Last week we talked about the basics of navigating maps, looking at the globe, and understanding key vocabulary. For the second week of school, fourth graders will begin learning about the properties of the four regions of Texas.


Vocabulary Cards & Games

A very helpful parent recently told me about Quizlet. You can put words and definitions and make games!

I went through and added all the social studies vocabulary for chapter 8, you can go through the flashcard or play the games here:

I played “Space Race” and it was pretty neat! The definitions scroll by and you have to type the word in the box to get points!


Happy Studying!