Narrative vs. Expository

In reading and writing this week, we are transitioning from Narrative Text to Expository text.


Tells a story

Focuses on one moment or day in time. This is where you will see explode the moments, show not tell, etc.

Author’s Purpose: To entertain

Reader’s Purpose: To be entertained


Gives information

Author gives reasons and examples to support the thoughts and information they are writing about

Author’s Purpose: To inform

Reader’s Purpose: To learn or be informed

The same prompts can be used for both narrative and expository writing. How you write it is the only thing that changes.

Prompt: Write about your favorite holiday.

Narrative Example:

I sat at the dining room table that was sparkling like diamonds from the crystal and fancy china set upon it. Mouth watering smells were drifting from the kitchen as my relatives from Wisconsin took their seats around me. A smile stretched across my face when my cousin Lexi sat next to me. I would love Thanksgiving just for the reason of getting to see my extended family. However, another great reason to love the season was just entering the room. My dad groaned under the weight of the 30 pound, brown, glistening bird. It was time to eat…

Expository Example:

My favorite day of the year is Thanksgiving. For those who don’t know about American Thanksgiving, it is the day we honor how the Pilgrims and the Native Americans learned to work together to provide ample food and supplies for survival. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for a variety of reasons. First, it is the one day of the year I can count on for my extended family to come together. My dad’s side of the family is from Wisconsin, so I value the day when we get to catch up and reconnect with them. I also love to eat and have a massive sweet-tooth. Thanksgiving is one of the few days of the year when it is acceptable for me to have five desserts and not feel guilty…

Get ready to WRITE!

We focus on two types of writing this year. Students will become experts in BOTH! The same topic can be used for an expository and a narrative piece, it is just in the approach. We’ll be kicking off the year with writing exercises to get comfortable. Then, we dive into narrative. The best stories, are those that are meaningful to the writer. If the topic is personal to us, the work has more attention to detail and is told with love. To get our minds thinking about what makes a good story, fourth graders have to think about what is close to their hearts. Last week we made heart maps in our journals and they were full of love and personality.


     I have most of my admiration for someone I would want to be when I grow up. The amazing Batman!

     I admire Batman because he does anything to save Gotham City. Also, he saves innocent people’s lives. He risks his own life to make sure everyone is safe. Batman is very admirative because he is very secretive. I respect that because he is the only person I know that keeps his life inside, like me, and doesn’t tell anyone. How can’t you admire Batman? He took out people with guns with nothing but his body. He almost died to get out of a pit and save Gotham even when he was weak. He sacrificed himself for Gotham City. If you were a Gotham citizen what would you say? One day as I was walking from School, I was really behind in work but I remebered someone persevered and I shoud too. It was the heart-stopping Batman! I admire someone who perseveres every day, fights crime, and most of all someone who is awesome.

     Do you know someone thats brave, couragous,serious, and last but certainaly not least, someone who saves lives? Without even remembering this story, we all know, the awesome Batman!




Grammar flashcards

Mrs. Davis ordered some of these flashcards, and they were pretty good!