Expository Writing

When writing expository, the first thing we want to remember is that we are EXPLAINING. When you look at the prompt, underline the key words. Break it down to the what (job/season/hobby) and the why (important/special/activities).



Next, we need to develop our central idea. This sentence should be the topic of our writing. We will put it in the center, because we want all of our paper to support that idea. Put your ideas in each box, and then FEED them! Facts, examples, explanations, and details give more information.



Then you can use your planning to transform your ideas into a rough draft!


Here is the FEED presentation we used awhile back to remind us of FACT, EXAMPLES, EXPLANATIONS, and DETAILS/DESCRIPTIONS.

Get ready to WRITE!

We focus on two types of writing this year. Students will become experts in BOTH! The same topic can be used for an expository and a narrative piece, it is just in the approach. We’ll be kicking off the year with writing exercises to get comfortable. Then, we dive into narrative. The best stories, are those that are meaningful to the writer. If the topic is personal to us, the work has more attention to detail and is told with love. To get our minds thinking about what makes a good story, fourth graders have to think about what is close to their hearts. Last week we made heart maps in our journals and they were full of love and personality.


     I have most of my admiration for someone I would want to be when I grow up. The amazing Batman!

     I admire Batman because he does anything to save Gotham City. Also, he saves innocent people’s lives. He risks his own life to make sure everyone is safe. Batman is very admirative because he is very secretive. I respect that because he is the only person I know that keeps his life inside, like me, and doesn’t tell anyone. How can’t you admire Batman? He took out people with guns with nothing but his body. He almost died to get out of a pit and save Gotham even when he was weak. He sacrificed himself for Gotham City. If you were a Gotham citizen what would you say? One day as I was walking from School, I was really behind in work but I remebered someone persevered and I shoud too. It was the heart-stopping Batman! I admire someone who perseveres every day, fights crime, and most of all someone who is awesome.

     Do you know someone thats brave, couragous,serious, and last but certainaly not least, someone who saves lives? Without even remembering this story, we all know, the awesome Batman!




Expository Example

The garbage man, my denstist or the quarter back for the Houston Texans all get my blood boiling. They are important people in my life. The person that changes my life everyday and touches my heart is my mom. She loves me unconditionally and will always be at my side.

Mom! The word is so simple but means so much! She is my backbone. When I’m scared, she will always help me. If I’m lost, Mom helps me find the way. But the reason my mom is most important to me is because she helps me with my homework.  Math can be one of my most challenging subjects.  Every day I love to come home, wolf down a snack, and dig into my studies.  When I pull out my math book, I know in just seconds I will find my mom snuggling up close to help me find the answers. She doesn’t tell me the answers she walks me through it. We start with number each time and eventually will end up at 50.  She will questions me, “Jaylynn do you think you did your best?” Math is easier with my mom by myside.Two digit multiplication was my biggest fear. The test was coming up and I felt sick to my stomach. WE spent hours studying books, quizzes, homeworks, interest sites just to help me be prepared.  Days later, I got my test back and aced it. So my mom is important for many reason but the most important reason is she helps me with my Math homework.

So whether I am scared to death, about to pull my hair out with homework or just need a friend, my mom is my most important person.

Expository Example

(LEAD)         A special place can be your backyard where all your dreams come true. It may be Space Center of Houston where you met your first astronaut. A special place to me is somewhere I will never forget and can always enjoy.  Some may choose McDonalds or grandma’s house, my special place is the park down the road. There is a quiet little track surrounding the grass with beautiful trees scattered about. When I am at the park, I feel anything is possible.

(BODY)          A park is special to me for many reasons. I can take a stroll around the benches or enjoy a peaceful walk.  The thing that makes this park the most important to me is that it is a place I can relax. I can step onto the track and let my feet do all the work. Thinking about my day, I instantly feel better. Birds will be chirping and little squirrels will scurry across my feet. Or I can jump onto the swing set and feel the wind in my hair. The trees that are scattered about are always calling my name. I love to grab a good book, bring a blanket and nestle myself under my favorite oak tree. In minutes I am at peace and harmony.  And lastly, at the park I am relaxed because it is always a good place to enjoy a fun picnic with a friend. Kitty Hollow Park is my special park. Last week I finished my favorite book, Hatchet, while enjoying a beautiful Fall day. So whether I am just there to get some fresh air or play a game of basketball, the park is my special place because I can always leave there relaxed.
(END IT)        The kitchen, grandma’s house or AMC movie theater are all important places. My special place to me is the park. I love to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. When I am there, I am my most serene.

Expository Example

Jobs are what make us money. It is how we pay for our homes, put food on the table, or buy those fun video games we all love. When I think about jobs that are important I think about authors, teachers, garbage men, but when I think about what I want to be when I grow up I think about a librarian.

Reading is the key to a successful future. I want to be a librarian to have unlimited books at my finger tips or to learn more about authors. But the reason I want to be a librarian the most is to share my love of reading with others. When children come into the library I want to help them find that perfect novel that they will remember for the rest of their lives. I want to show small children how words create pictures in your mind and show them they can love reading too. With adults, it isn’t too late. I can help them find that one non-fiction book to teach them about World War 2.  I love to read and know that as a librarian I can help others to love it too. Mrs. Moore was my childhood librarian. She first introduced me to the Nancy Drew Series. It is because of her that I can’t put a book down. Reading is my favorite thing to do and I think that if I become a librarian I can teach others to enjoy it also.
Jobs are everywhere you turn. At the grocery store you have a manager, a sacker, or the banker.  Even at school you have principal, teacher, or maybe the nurse. When I grow up I want to be a librarian.

Expository Samples

Home of the Fighting Texas Aggies

Whoop! A sea of endless Maroon and people shouting  “howdy” is no other than the great Aggie Land. When I close my eyes and think of one place that has changed my life, College Station, home to the Fighting Texas Aggies, comes to mind.
            Down! Set! Hut! The best part about Aggie Land is Kyle Field. When you enter the stadium on game day, instantly you feel at home. People will stand in lines to get their cokes, hot dogs, and prepare for kick off. The stadium is a roar of laughter and hollering fans cheering on their team. You can feel the spirit as soon as you enter the gates. At every Aggie Football game the fans can be found standing on their feel screaming, “Gig em Aggies!” I remember my very first football game. It was my freshman year of college. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. After I found my seat, or should I say bench there is no sitting at Aggie games, my heart dropped.
            Whether to attend a game of the Fighting Texas Aggies, be welcomed by all the friendly residents or hear the core band play, Aggie Land is truly my special place. When I’m lost, sad, or just plain bored, I know I can load up my car and head to College Station for a good time.
Written by Mrs. Clark

Expository Example

Library Lounge

A sea of books and shelves of magazines can only be at one place the library. It fills my heart with joy. When I close my eyes I think about my favorite place and the library is my top pick. I am like a banker the library is my bank books are as valuable as money.
          Here, there, and everywhere. Books are all over the place, but that does not mean that it’s hard to find the book I want. If I want a non-fiction book I go to the non-fiction section. The fantasy books are labeled a-z for easy access. If I need to find a long lost book I go to the computers and look it up. I don’t have to go thru random isles searching for a perfect book. Signs guide me through the building. Without them the library would be a maze. Wherever I look I see signs that say graphic novels on the left and mysteries on the right. There are even signs for computers and games. Colorful stickers sit on the end of the books so a 5th grader won’t take a junie b. Jones book an a 1st grader won’t take a dictionary. When I was 3 and went to the library for the first time I was shocked at how amazing every thing was organized. All I had to do was blink and the book I wanted was there. Finding a book is a breeze in the library.
          I will never forget all the times I have gone to the library. I can have fun by playing on the computer or by checking out books.