I looked behind me, millions of people waiting to go on Kracken!I looked in front of , I saw the carts swooping upside down and then droping again.The sailteness of my swet filed my mouth. I cot a butterfly in my stomach, but i was feeling exicted and nervous.The squeaking of the carts and chating of people behind me fiied my ears.

I got on the cart, I sat in the middle.Chris sat next to me. The people who worked there (at sea world) started it up. First we droped down a little bit, then we climed a long hill .all of a sudden we droped. It felt like it droped 30 feet down. We climed up again up again, all of a sudden I’m upside down doing a loop.Couple loops later we were down!

I got off and I looked like I saw a ghost or ateast that’s what Chris said. “Oh my gosh that was … awsome ! I thought I was going to have to close my eyes but I didn’t” I said “WOW”Chris said. That day I felt like I could conker any rollercoaster or anything! Chris is my special person because he takes me to and on roller coasters and Sea World.