Poetry Refresher


We are returning to poetry this week! This genre has more vocabulary than any other unit. To be successful with poetry, we need to know the vocabulary inside and out. This week is our poetry refresher! Kids should be using their flashcards EVERYDAY (we made them in class)!

Elements of Poetry = Features a poem may have

Rhyme- words that have the same ending sound

Rhyme Scheme- The pattern of rhyming in a poem

Simile- a figure of speech in which things are compared using the words “like” or “as”

Metaphor- A figure of speech in which things are compared by stating that one thing is another

Alliteration- Repetition of words with the same beginning sounds

Personification- A figure of speech in which objects are given human qualities

Onomatopoeia- Words that sound like the objects or actions they refer to

Repetition- Using the same word or phrase over and over again

Exaggeration (Hyperbole)- To make something seem larger or more important that it is

Imagery- pictures drawn in the reader’s mind by the words of the poet.

Mood- The feelings of the reader has in the poem (what the poem makes the reader feel)

Tone- The feelings of the author of the poem (how the author feels about the topic)

Stanza- Like a paragraph in an essay. Each stanza is usually separated by some blank space. Common stanza length is two, three, four, six, or eight lines

Line- Like a sentence in an essay. The group of words on the same line together

Rhythm: A regular, patterned repetition of sounds in a poem (the beat).

Enjoy the poetry!


We had so much fun doing poetry! I’d love to see you guys post some poems! Be creative! Remember to logon to the student posting, go to www.fourthgradesomething.com/wp-admin

Logon – students

Password – (top secret – _____shark – the blank is our shark’s name)


Remember Haikus are 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and then 5 syllables again.

Winter in Texas

Is kind of warm and not cold

Sunshine, happy time


When we write a rhyming poem, it may be easier to write words that rhyme down first, then put in your sentences.

Example: holiday, day, say, play, hay, okay, may, pay, ray, stay, way, 

For the holiday,

Are you going away?

Or are you planning to stay?

At home you can play,

And have a great day,

I hope that you may,

Get your way, 

This holiday!

Happy Poetry Writing! Have a great break guys!