Animal Project Letter

The research must include the following:
A.)  Interesting Facts- Write about the distinguishing features or interesting facts about your animal.
B.)   Habitat- Describe the habitat the animal lives in.
C.)   Food-Describe what food is available to your animal in their habitat and how they get their food.
D.)  Adaptation-Describe different ways your animal has adapted its body or lifestyle to survive in its habitat (Ex: camouflage). Describe whether it is learned or inherited as discuss in the science text and in class.
Second, students will choose from one of the following visual aids to teach us about his/her animal: 
Picture Book
  • Create a short picture book, including illustrations, about your animal. The purpose of your book is to encourage younger students to learn about your animal. Remember to include an eye-catching cover. This must be neat and creative. (If you turn this in a week before it is due, I will get it bound together for you.)
Animal Planet Reporter
  • Pretend you are a reporter from Animal Planet presenting a segment on your animal. Write a short script to help you decide what you will report on. Then, video tape your newscast and bring to share with the class.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation to outline the information in your report. Make your presentation exciting by adding pictures, animation, and a cool background. (We will be visiting the computer lab some time in the next few weeks to learn how to work with PowerPoint.)
The research outline is due on October 7. The finished visual aid is due on Friday, October 21. Students will present it to the class.