Context Clues



Context clues can be fun! We often come across words that confuse us, and then we do a terrible thing… we skip over them! As good readers, we need to stop, record the WORD, make an INFERENCE based on the CLUES, and then determine the meaning!




Literary Fiction: Plot Chart to Summary

Last week we looked at creating a plot chart from a literary fiction book. As a class we listened to the book, “Thank you Mr. Falker.” We then created a plot chart, and later turned that plot chart in for a summary. Students did this in partners and made a plot chart on their own. Next week, the plot chart will be turned into a summary for a grade. We will come back to this a lot this school year. If you are looking for extra practice, there are lots of great literary (tells a story) fiction books read aloud on



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Please excuse messy handwriting! When I get excited and we get going…. the handwriting is the first to go!

Interesting thoughts on reading…

Did you know…

  • The amount of time students spend in independent reading was the best predictor of reading achievement and also the best predictor of the amount of gain in reading achievement made by students between second and fifth grade. Anderson, Wilson, and Fielding


  • Engagement in reading may substantially compensate for low family income and educational background.  Guthrie & Wigfield


  • Six research based factors related to increased motivation to read: a teacher who is a reading model; a book-rich classroom environment opportunities for choice; familiarity with books; social interaction about books; and literacy-related incentives that reflect the value of reading.  Gambell