Research and Online research BY:DAVE


Here are some few tips on research.The key to research is sources.Go to the library

and start your research their.Its one of the best places to go and do a research

gather information it will help you alot with your research.Go look at the

encyclopedia it gives you a good summary and it can show a book about your topic.


When you do an online research you should at least try to be specific as much as you

can.You should use your head when your being specific. Many search engines work

slight different from other engines so you should click on the search tips or help button.

cafeteria food

I think that we should get served chinese food, atalian, or even denny’s the lunch ladies should treat us like are in high school and get good food that we deserve. We need need a break from all of that work so we can have a good break and have a good meal. 16 out of 21 people agreed that have stuff like sonic or denny’s. We should be getting the nutricions that we need. You don’t have to bring a sack lunch because we have good food here. You can get juicy food just for 1.00 so you can enjoy and have a good time at lunch!

Angela Interview


By Leah 

Movie Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Song Diamond

Book The Dork Diaries

Best Friend Leah Q and Sneha M

School Subject Art

Book SERIES  Geronimo Stilton

Color Sky Blue

Blend Of Colors Sky Blue, Purple, Hot Pink

Veggie Carrots

Monster Elmo?

Marsoupiel Flying Squirell/ Hampster

Teacher Ms. Venaious

Car Honda Piolot

Animal Peacock

Haven’s Interview By:Hannah D.

1.Do you have any brothers or sisters?
2.How many?
Answer:1 brother and 1 sister
3.Where did you get your beautiful blond hair?
Answer:My mom
4.What is your favorite sport?
Answer :Soccer
5.What is your favorite color?
Answer: Turquiose