my book; flying monkeys A ” slick” production presents….

It all started about five to ten minutes ago. I was just mininding my own biz when a kid called J.J. Watts came. i said he was a fake and i beat him in the game flying monkeys. what I didn’t know he was the old dude that made the game and sent me to another world! who will save me!!

A fantastic story by Laila!

Laila S. #16 10-23-12

      As I gazed at the people in front of me, I got tired of waiting in the long line.  The chatters of kids and teens jiber-jabbering to each other almost made my ears burst out into flames of fire.  I was sweating drips of patience and enthusiasm.  My brain thought, why is this line taking so long?  But I was so excited to finally get to go down the slide.  I started to jump up and down and I felt like I would just explode with happiness, because I was the next person in line.

      It was my turn to go down the slide.  I sat down on my tube and I felt very nervous, but happy.  When the guy pushed me a little bit to get me started, I began to scream with joy.  My heart was racing and it felt like it had just sank into my stomach.

      When I reached the bottom of the slide and the ride was finished, I just wanted to do it over and over again.  My excited moment was when I got to go on a Schlitterbahn slide because it was a very thrilling slide to go on.

A great story by GAVIN!

By Gavin #5

We can play catch, soccer, and baseball in the backyard.  The backyard is pretty big!  It’s as big as one of those regular size school buses.  The backyard is very grassy, of course, but it needs something a little bit more fun.  We had wanted a trampoline to make our backyard more fun and enjoyable for a long time.

 Finally, one day our family had saved enough money to buy a trampoline!  I was so excited to finally buy a trampoline!  The backyard was going to turn into a family playground.

 My dad took my brother and I to a store where we could buy one.  As we entered, my brother and my dad went ahead to go and look for a trampoline.  I just stood there for a second and looked at some interesting stuff.  After a while I went to go and help look, and in 20 seconds I found the trampoline section.  I saw them already looking for one, so I went ahead of my dad to look. In 8 seconds I found the perfect one!  I got so excited I felt as if I was going to scream!  But I didn’t and just went to my dad and told him about the awesome trampoline. 

After we bought it we just went home to build it.  While we were building it and putting it together it started to snow! And my mom said her fingers felt numb, but I still felt supper excited about it.   


I looked behind me, millions of people waiting to go on Kracken!I looked in front of , I saw the carts swooping upside down and then droping again.The sailteness of my swet filed my mouth. I cot a butterfly in my stomach, but i was feeling exicted and nervous.The squeaking of the carts and chating of people behind me fiied my ears.

I got on the cart, I sat in the middle.Chris sat next to me. The people who worked there (at sea world) started it up. First we droped down a little bit, then we climed a long hill .all of a sudden we droped. It felt like it droped 30 feet down. We climed up again up again, all of a sudden I’m upside down doing a loop.Couple loops later we were down!

I got off and I looked like I saw a ghost or ateast that’s what Chris said. “Oh my gosh that was … awsome ! I thought I was going to have to close my eyes but I didn’t” I said “WOW”Chris said. That day I felt like I could conker any rollercoaster or anything! Chris is my special person because he takes me to and on roller coasters and Sea World.

The Food Fight

We were chopping on are scrumshish lunch. The taste of red velvet cake made my body feel like it was in paradise like on a hot summers day drinking ice tea. It all started with a throw like a jet of breath just passing you by trying to get the inocent victums hair. SPLAT! Like a sound of a kid stomping over a helpless bug. The girl’s face went red like a pepper you only get from Chillies. with a swipe and a aim it was only intill the whole fourth grade became wild monkeys fighting over bannanas. The whole fourth grade was covered with pizzas, cake, ice cream, and all sorts of things your body would have been happied with but wasted. The teachers yelped like they been bit with a million snake bites. It was only a matter of time before everyone bellies were as flat like a fleshly baked pancake. But I was smart in the head, I ate my lunch instead. Now that there are no more monkey fights, it is back to normal like eating cake on rice.


Book Critic-Menu

Running out of time is a book about a girl named Jessie and her mom sent her on an adventure. They all thought that it was 1840 in Clifton Village but it really was the 1900’s. Her mom sent her to go outside and get medicene for all the sick children and parents. Will she make it on time? Will she get the mendicene or not? Behind all of this there is a strange mix up... READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!!

The Food Fight!!

It was during lunch. Chatter filled the giant room for eating. Suddenly, someone shouted, “Food fight!” He then chunked his pizza he had been eating. With a lot of pizza sauce, a girl was the “first” to where the mask. With a scream, she stormed over with a fistful of chicken nuggets and stuffed them up his nose. with a loud “Honk!”, he sneezed them out, snot following the airborne nuggets. They were stopped in flight when they hit a fat kid in the belly with a loud BOING! The nuggets then fell to the floor and, to make it grosser, landed in a puddle of spilled chocolate milk. “Yum!” Said a weird kid. He then picked them up, studied them, then jammed them into his mouth.

By: John