TX Revolution Vocabulary

We are working hard in class to discuss a few words each day to help prepare for next Friday’s quiz! We have been adding example sentences to our flashcards as we go. The Texas Revolution is a key part of Texas history, and it really helps our understanding to understand the vocabulary words used!


Every kiddo has a copy of the words and their own flashcards. The words are also right here and in www.quizlet.com. Our login is “fourthgradesomething” and our password is “steveshark”


Right: A freedom


Petition: A signed request for action


Democracy: A form of government in which people make decisions themselves or choose leaders to do so


Delegate: A person chosen to speak or act for others


Convention: An important meeting


Constitution:  A written plan for government


Republic: A form of government in which the people choose their leaders


Abolish: To put an end to (Ex. The students wished the teachers would abolish homework.)


Patriotism: The love of one’s country


Retreat: To pull back or withdraw


Cavalry: A unit of soldiers on horseback


Massacre: The killing of many people who cannot defend themselves


Scout: A person sent ahead to gather information about the land or the enemy


Cabinet: A group of people who help a leader make decisions


Election:  An event in which people vote to choose government leaders

Maps – Basics

In fourth grade social studies, we focus on the great state of TEXAS. Before we can really get started, the kids have to refresh what they know about maps. Last week we talked about the basics of navigating maps, looking at the globe, and understanding key vocabulary. For the second week of school, fourth graders will begin learning about the properties of the four regions of Texas.