Expository Sample

Topic: Something I have learned

         LEAD: Steady on the pedal. Everyday I zoom from the inner city to the suburbs ofMissouri City. Learning to drive a car has made an impact in my life everyday.

           REASON 1: My car gets me to work everyday. As Americans, we don’t work near where we live. So, because there isn’t trains, subways, or an intricate bus system, people have to drive. Without a car, I would have to ride a bike or get a ride. I live 21 miles from my job and I need a car to get to work. A day without a car would leave me trapped at home.

           REASON 2: I like to travel to visit my friends and family. In today’s time, people are spread out all over the place. The roads help people move farther away and visit people farther away. My parents live inSan Antonio, and my grandparents and brother live inFlorida. With people I care about so far away, my car helps me travel to see them. The car enables me to get up and go anywhere I want. I am able to spend holidays with loved ones and see my friends on special occasions.

           CONCLUDE: Learning to drive a car has made a tremendous impact on how I live my life. I am able to work far away from home at a job I love. Driving allows me to spend time with loved ones, and who doesn’t want that?