I have most of my admiration for someone I would want to be when I grow up. The amazing Batman!

     I admire Batman because he does anything to save Gotham City. Also, he saves innocent people’s lives. He risks his own life to make sure everyone is safe. Batman is very admirative because he is very secretive. I respect that because he is the only person I know that keeps his life inside, like me, and doesn’t tell anyone. How can’t you admire Batman? He took out people with guns with nothing but his body. He almost died to get out of a pit and save Gotham even when he was weak. He sacrificed himself for Gotham City. If you were a Gotham citizen what would you say? One day as I was walking from School, I was really behind in work but I remebered someone persevered and I shoud too. It was the heart-stopping Batman! I admire someone who perseveres every day, fights crime, and most of all someone who is awesome.

     Do you know someone thats brave, couragous,serious, and last but certainaly not least, someone who saves lives? Without even remembering this story, we all know, the awesome Batman!